Professional Dementia CareWe believe that with proper systems, dementia home care can help improve the lives of those affected with it. Caring for your loved one can limit you on great opportunities in life. We are always improving our services to maintain our position as the best dementia home care in Edmonton.

Our memory loss care service package provides you with the appropriate responsiveness to your needs. We will accord you with value for your trust in us to take good care of your loved one. This is our reputation and we will always strive to maintain it or better improve, not even the sky is the limit.

Understanding more about dementia

Dementia is a condition that affects people’s memory. People diagnosed with this condition need a proper dementia care plan. This is what we offer our clients. Through long-term care, dementia can be successfully managed.

Best Dementia Care Facility in EdmontonFacts about Dementia

  • The condition is 100% manageable
  • Dementia is irreversible
  • Dementia can only be diagnosed using medical procedures
  • it can last a lifetime
  • It mainly affects the ageing
  • It is not a form of ageing

Why you should consider our Dementia home care service in Edmonton

Individualized care

It is our belief that any person affected with dementia needs all the attention that he or she needs. We always endeavor to individualize the care that we provide to suit every family member of our home. This makes it easier for us to manage any form of dementia while making those diagnosed with dementia to feel loved.

Seasoned case managers

We are proud of a team that professionally handles numerous cases of dementia on a day to day basis. Experience is the best teacher. Through the years, our team has grown just like fine wine to become the best there is. With the expertise and hands-on experience gained, we are ready to take in your loved one as one of us.

Physical and emotional support

Older adults with cognitive impairment need not only physical support but also emotional. We understand how difficult at times it can get to adapt to a different home that you are not used to. Through our emotional support program, we will always make your loved one feel at home.

Assisted environment

We help in creating a dementia-friendly environment for all people with dementia.  This is an environment that helps prevent further memory loss, help improving brain functioning and a safe haven to them. Such an environment keeps any person with dementia active, feel in control and happy.

Guaranteed value for your trust

We are glad of the many people that entrust us with the responsibility of taking care of their loved ones who need dementia management. For this, we have created a superior customer service team that is always glad to listen to any of your queries. This is in line with ensuring that you as our client get quality services always. We are always eager to listen to you, which is what propels us to even greater heights.