We at CastleWood Care Homes understand how much you want your love to live their best days, happy, energetic and to always feel loved. We as well know how daunting and haunting the experience of caring for a person affected by Alzheimer disease can be. That is why we are always there for you as soon as you need the best quality Alzheimer home care service.

People affected by the disease need a lot of attention, love and care. These are what they exactly get when you bestow them into our responsible hands. We are always working towards achieving optimal Alzheimer care quality standards to you and your loved ones.

Quality of Alzheimer care

We always guarantee quality to our clients. When you reach for us, we step into your shoes and become part of your family to take good care of Alzheimer cases. Our services meet the set standards by the authorities. We even go a step further by meeting all your expectations.

How do we ensure service quality?

  • Hiring only the talented and skilled care personnel
  • Regularly training our personnel to keep them up to date with the latest information on Alzheimer
  • Maintaining an experienced workforce by making everyone happy
  • Routine supervision and checks by our quality assurance team
  • A standby medical team to perform tests and checks on our patients’ progress
  • Investing in modern Alzheimer control methodologies

How our caregivers help you take care of Alzheimer disease patients

Personalized care

We believe that not one Alzheimer disease patient is like the other, we appreciate diversity. Additionally, there are different levels of the disease. In regards to this, we break down our services to fit every patient’s needs and preferences. We treat every Alzheimer disease in a personal way. This is great in ensuring that every individual gets enough attention and help in managing the disease.

Mental support

We assist both the affected families and the patient to adapt to the new world of Alzheimer’s disease. This is done through our mental support program that involves counseling and physically being there for you. We understand the burden that may be in your hands and we are always willing and ready to help you by instilling peace and comfort into your life and the lives of those who you care most about.

Engage the patient

Research has it that keeping a person with Alzheimer’s disease active helps in stimulating his or her senses. We routinely engage our patients with mind stimulating activities like music.

Physical support

Our packages are inclusive of full assisted living for all people affected by this form of dementia. We assist every person with the basic life needs that include food and clothing. We will assist them to take baths and dress up appropriately for the day‘s weather. When it comes to meals, our caregivers ensure that every individual has taken the daily meal routine.

Safe and assisted environment

We help in providing a safe and Alzheimer friendly environment for your loved one. We strive to have them fit into an environment that makes them happy and loved.